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The urbanization and progress of countries are measured by their interest in infrastructure, where they are the backbone and the main factor upon which major investment and projects contribute to the development of society and provide a healthy and safe environment for the individual and society. AFAG has extensive capabilities and qualifications for the design, execution and delivery of multidisciplinary infrastructure works that comply to both local and international standards and specifications. These multidisciplinary works include typically road works, wet networks (Storm drainage, Wastewater, Potable water and Irrigation networks), and dry networks (Low Voltage Power, Medium Voltage, street lighting and telecommunications). All in addition to non-typical utilities such as LPG gas networks, Chilled water networks and smart cities.

Earth and Enabling Works

In AFAG we pride ourselves on providing earthworks construction and value-added services to our customers with the highest quality, including geotechnical solution, land survey, modifications of land surfaces by blading, contouring, ripping, moving, removing, stabilization, placing or replacing soil or earth, or by excavation, or by cutting or filling operations, including the importation of fill. Newly implemented procedures such as soil stabilization using dynamic & static techniques in addition to sea/land reclamation are all supported and covered by AFAG through technical expertise and utilizing latest technologies provided by soil treatment’s international leaders & suppliers.

Road Works, Bridges and tunnels

Roads, bridges and tunnels are fundamental for the overall development of countries in the world its essential not only for the good management of resources, trade and mobility but also indirectly affects economic and social development. AFAG is performing and implementing the latest modern techniques and methodologies from the activities of the heavy road construction equipment, including but not limited to crushing plants, asphalt plants and pavers, and all other equipment as required for roads (local, urban and highways). Associated structural works such as bridges, culverts and tunnels are fully designed and constructed to comply with both local and international standards and specifications.

Special Structures

AFAG has an engineering team that specializes in creating execution solutions which are as practical and constructible as they are attractive and economical. They can cater the construction of any structure related to the infrastructure projects including design review and value engineering services. For each project, AFAG procure and assemble the appropriate team of specialists to address specific requirements, and we encourage the collaboration and cooperation of the construction team necessary to produce the superior results our customers have come to expect.

Design Reviewing & Value Engineering

As part of our responsibilities towards our Clients, AFAG aim to develop and improve the infrastructure and water facilities works; AFAG has qualified and skilled expertise to carry out complete design activities, reviewing and verification of infrastructure design based on client specific requirements and needs. We consider that implementing value engineering techniques is a must to be provided to our clients, it is not our aim to provide only cost savings to our clients; however we do provide complete solutions and technique to enrich the user deliverables while providing savings on cost, time and effort for both construction and operation of all disciplines. Working with a multidisciplinary and diversified technical team give an optimum control on coordination between disciplines for the sake of client, applying the latest BIM software and tools give AFAG a lead over most of the available competitors around the market. We promise that we will put our expertise, innovation and experience to work for make you satisfied.

Landscapes works

Landscapes promotes a positive influence on every people state of mind because they contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life, they provide the broader context within which we live our lives, living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing. As sophisticated services are offered by AFAG, we have the professional and qualified skills of merging the man-made structures, including street decoration, buildings, paving with the natural landscape, designs for landform, waterfalls, fountains and planting of decorative plants and lightings, design and construction of private or public parks, natural wadis developing and cityscape design.