Chairman Message

Group Chairman Message

The idea of establishing the (AFAG) arose out of the multiplicity and magnitude of the work needed to be developed for the AFAG. The idea of establishing a company specializing in infrastructure works as an executive arm of the AFAG to implement its new projects was born, with this company achieving high quality in implementation and speed of completion and decline Construction cost. AFAG is one of the national companies specialized in the implementation of infrastructure works aiming at implementing infrastructure works inside and outside the Kingdom on commercial bases, which includes road works, streets, bridges, tunnels, airport runways, construction and extension of water and sanitation networks, torrents, their cleanliness, maintenance and operation, Establishing and extending transportation and distribution networks for energy, electricity, gas, and refrigeration and its stations, establishing and extending communication networks, telecom tower stations and distribution points, transport and broadcasting for communications, establishing public parks, parks and irrigation networks and reviving them, building dams, manufacturing and ready-made prefabricated concrete for the purpose of infrastructure works. We are going to Launch High Rise Buildings – Low Budgets Housing & Industrial Projects in Pakistan 2023-2024.
Thankfully we were able in a short time to build a local company with a world-class identity to match its counterparts in the developed countries in order to reach and upgrade the quality of projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Pakistan – UK according to international quality standards in order to remain in the foreground as a company to develop the infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and keep abreast with the latest technologies used in the implementation Infrastructure projects in all phases, from contracting to planning, implementation and operation, to administration and maintenance to deliver projects that are classified as achievements, The company has a qualitative change will to launch towards a unique tomorrow of success, development and transparency in line with the vision of 2030. AFAG is committed to its way of working with all local and international standards and conditions, including energy conservation and environmental preservation, in addition to many standards that are consistent With the general vision of the Kingdom, the company includes a diverse team with extensive experience in the total of its specialties, uniting them with one goal which is to provide distinguished services and the highest quality in order to preserve the name and value of the company, and to take it to the cadre of companies specialized in its field of work, and including Also ensures relationships Distinguish with all parties, especially customers.

Agha Asif Nawaz Pasha.....

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to nurture and grow local talent, being essential for the social and economic development of local communities. It is our aim to attract and retain ambitious, high caliber graduate and experienced candidates for all disciplines. We provide comprehensive training programs and motoring for graduates. In addition, we train young Saudi nationals to enhance their job skills. At the end of the training, we facilitate employment.