About Us

AL FUTAIM ARABIA Group (AFAG) was founded in Riyadh in 1982.

Since then it has gradually increased its capabilities and expertise to the extent that it is now able to undertake several large scale projects simultaneously. The scope of work has also substantially changed from a basic construction company into one capable of doing complex Design and Build projects and projects with highly specialized specifications. The value of our individual projects has now risen to well over SR 4.5 billion.

Providing Specialized Services for 40+ Years

We Provide Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

We provide a wide variety of services through our 09 companies across the KSA – Pakistan & UK. Ranging from waterproofing to solar energy systems to architectural concepts, we do it all and we always strive to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our work. We’re fortunate to work with fantastic clients and contractors from across the globe in over 3 countries, providing our specialized services to thousands of projects. Our vision is to maintain and improve our leading position as a contractor whose reputation is built on the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing high-quality services. Our teams of professionals are dedicated to a standard of excellence for quality and performance, through continuous development, which will set standards in our industry. We are simply providing solutions for a future of success.

High Ethical Conduct

We strive to maintain and enforce a high standard of ethical conduct in which relationships will be based on honesty – respect and operations will be conducted in accordance with legal requirements.

Quality Work Environment

We aim to maintain a strong quality work environment by demonstrating care for every employee, offering competitive wages, benefits and good working conditions, as well as promoting diversity in the workplace.

Results-Oriented Approach

We maintain a prudent, results-oriented approach to conducting business that builds superior shareholder value over the long-term by discipline, focus, accountability and passion for hard work and success.

Our Business Philosophy

AFAG is committed to meeting its fundamental obligations to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers through three fundamental principles. We are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, our partners and our employees by providing high quality services and creating a high quality work environment.

We Build with You.

We are committed to delivering certainty, quality and intelligent solutions. We have over 40+ years of heritage, knowledge and success built on long-term collaborative relationships with our partners and clients.

With over 40+ years of industry experience, we work with you to design a custom contractor management solution to meet all of your unique site’s needs.

Additional features to help you manage Contractors: